Who is LAMP

Linwood Area Ministry Place, or LAMP is working to return Linwood Presbyterian Church to the community. In doing this, the Presbytery has made a strong commitment to be an active, positive presence in a distressed area, working as neighbor and friend to people in need. As a ministry of service, LAMP is a campus of service ministries to meet urgent human needs. And as a ministry of leadership, LAMP brings church and community resources together to restore this highly visible site and to be a catalyst for restoration of the surrounding community.


Bob Phillips started the latest charge to renovated and revitalize these great buildings. This is an initiative to redevelop the site of the former landmark Linwood Presbyterian Church at Linwood and Bruce Watkins Drive into a campus of community services.


The initial phase of redevelopment includes the adaptive reuse of the former sanctuary structure built in 1923, as well as the adjacent Harold Thomas Center and site improvements, which will make a significant, highly visible contribution to character and stability of the Linwood corridor and surrounding Ivanhoe neighborhood.


The project will create a campus of community services, including the midtown operations of ReDiscover, one of the region’s most important mental health service providers, and Front Porch Alliance, a community partnership providing youth, senior and neighborhood services in the Ivanhoe area.


The project Linwood Area Ministry Place (LAMP), is being financed primarily through a combination of federal and state historic preservation tax credits, federal New Markets Tax Credits and a bank loan secured by tenant rents for a combined financing package of some $10 million. In addition, Linwood Property, Inc., a 501c3 entity formed by Heartland Presbytery to lead the redevelopment effort, is seeking $1.1 million from area philanthropies, as well as church-affiliated organizations and individuals, to ensure rents remain affordable to the non-profit tenants, including ReDiscover, for the first ten years of the project, as well as to augment the construction budget.


The project has received support from area charitable foundations, including Hall Family, W.T. Kemper, H & R Block, and David Beals Trust (US Trust/Bank of America). US Bank has also supported the financing. In addition, a family in the Heartland Presbytery has pledged $200,000 to be matched by Heartland Presbytery congregations, organizations and individuals.


That’s where you come in. This project, which will help continue the revitalization of the Ivanhoe neighborhood and demonstrates what it means to be a Presbyterian, doesn’t pay for itself. Even the smallest contribution, goes a long way to help bring this Presbyterian Church back to its roots. Which, is our roots. Being a Vital Force in the religious life, home life and civic life of Kansas City.